Israel Programs
Summer Programs in Israel
Hashomer Hatzair World Movement holds a wide array of activities in Israel. Every summer hundreds of youth from around the world spend several weeks in Israel in the movement’s summer programs. In addition to hiking and touring the country the participants take part in various aspects of the Israeli society, volunteering and discussing current events in the complex reality of Israeli society. North Americans take part in the Yedid Plus leadership training program and Europeans take part in Machane Israel.

Shnat Hachshara (Gap Year)

Shnat Hachshara (year of training or gap year) is a year-long program in Israel for high school graduates. Participants acquire a variety of life skills, learn about identity, community, social change, life in Israel and movement leadership as well as cooperative and independent living. Shnat Hachshara includes 3 chapters: Kibbutz life-which combines work on the kibbutz and movement educational content, living as a communal group in Haifa – which focuses on communal living and volunteer work in a wide range of local social and educational projects, and theoretical studying as part of the multi-movement leadership training program called "Hamachon Le'Madrichim" (the institute for youth movement guides) in Jerusalem. All of the chapters include Hebrew language learning and an ongoing process of group-building and development guided by a madrich (guide and facilitator) from the movement.
The program provides its participants with tools for positive activism develops critical thinking and independence, and provides an opportunity for hands on learning about Judaism and Israel through an active and engaged approach.
Shnat Hachshara also provides tools for assessing the potential for continuity of the individual’s path in the movement and choices about personal direction in the future.

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Achvat Amim - Solidarity of Nations
Solidarity of Nations - Achvat Amim is a new 5 month volunteer experience based in Jerusalem that directly engages with the reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, based on the core value of self-determination for all peoples.
Participants (ages 21-28) are involved in hands on work with educational, community, and human rights organizations, including Rabbis for Human Rights, doing grassroots work with Israelis and Palestinians in and around Jerusalem. Participants volunteer in a group project and in individualized placements, while traveling extensively, and learning with leaders in the field. Achvat Amim is renewing the conversation on Jewish Peoplehood and Zionism for the 21st century. Together, we build a dynamic learning community in which we explore and shape Jewish culture and identity as individuals and as part of a greater whole.
Scholarships and grants are available.

Learn more and apply today at:  http://www.achvatamim.org
Contact: Vallie Rourke, OUtreach Coordinator
+972 58 503 1993

Intensive Arabic Semester for International Students
The Givat Haviva Educational Center offers an intensive program for studying the Arabic language and culture for student over the age of 18. The participants engage in 5 month of studying spoken Arabic (500 hours), the written Arabic language (70 hours) and Middle Eastern history and society.
The course exposes participants to the culture of Israeli Jews and Arabs, through tours, volunteering in the community and living in Arab towns and Kibbutzim. Many of the program graduates are now working as leaders in international organizations of public diplomacy in the Middle East.