Hashomer Hatzair’s Judaism is a stream of Judaism and is based on the Jewish culture and our humanistic approach. We place the individual in the centre of our Jewish worldview. Our morals derive primarily from our sense of responsibility and respect to humankind. We believe in and practice a form of active Judaism that encourages everyone to give personal meaning to their Judaism within the Shomeric community.

Our Judaism draws upon the vibrant culture, tradition, history and legacy of the Jewish people and connects us to our heritage. We view Jewish sources as inspiration and open for critical interpretation.

Our approach stems from a thorough understanding of Judaism and the development of a contemporary, meaningful way of expressing our Judaism.



Educational Practice

We provide our Chanichim with an opportunity to find their own access and approach towards Judaism and strive to shape confident individuals who found their place in Judaism and feel connected to their cultural heritage.

Hashomer Hatzair extends knowledge in Jewish heritage, classical and modern Jewish literature and teaches about Jewish history, culture and traditions. The Shomeric activities fit the Jewish cycle of life including traditions.

Hashomer Hatzair members will constantly review and, if needed, renew the Jewish traditions according to the current philosophy of the Chaverim.

Our Judaism is open to every person that feels part of the ideals and is willing to take part in it. Every behaviour that does not follow the principles of secular Judaism can be kept at the condition that it does not contradict the organization and progressing of the activities.