Hashomer Hatzair sees many ways of self-realisation. We believe that it is Hagshama that gives meaning to our ideology and brings us to the realization of our pillars and dibrot and stresses the importance of putting it into practice.

Hagshama is a concept which often blurs the distinction between tools and goals. We accept that we have much work to do in defining our conceptual definition of this term and that this process must continue.

This document is a list of examples of Hagshama. It is not complete; however, its purpose is to give guidelines, to be a source of inspiration and to provide tools:


  • Aliya that affects positive change in all of Israeli society (individually or kvutzati)
  • Aliya to work in the Shomeric community and strengthening the Tnua Olamit directly or indirectly
  • Be a Zionist activist in the Diaspora through organisations
  • Be a Zionist activist in the Diaspora by supporting social initiatives
  • Productive life in a Jewish community that is open to everyone
  • Preserving and passing on the Jewish culture and tradition by education, practice and continuous learning
  • Building supplementary Shomeric Jewish schools
  • To carry out Shomeric services, to write liturgy and run secular Shiurim
  • To be a chalutz of Judaism development of which creates cultural and intellectual centres inside all communities
  • To follow a Jewish lifecycle in a distinctly Shomeric lifestyle
  • Intentionally exploring alternative ways of life and living together
  • Leading a life of political activism for freedom and others
  • Variety of social justice projects within the movement and with others.
  • Re-ordering of society and its ideals beginning with critical education and activism on the grass roots level
  • Promote human intimacy that helps to create an environment for hagshama ishit.
  • Collectivist structures of socially conscious individuals like kvutzot, Communa, Urban Kibbutz, Kibbutz and the re-interpretation of classical kibbutz structure
  • Educate and activate to live according to our ideology
  • Create and live in alternative communities, Kibbutz, Communa, etc.
  • Common economic system (shituf kalkali).
  • Activism within the Diaspora Communities: affecting society (community and worldwide).
  • Kehilat Bogrim: Create a worldwide network.
  • Building/leading/working on alternative, jewish communities; providing alternatives, creating own religious practices.
  • Working for/ strengthening the youth movement.
  • Synthesis between Tikkun Adam and Tikkun Olam
  • Striving for personal growth and improvement
  • Asking ourselves hard questions and looking for the answers.
  • Seeking new experiences
  • Realization of Hagshama through activity and closeness within a Kvutza


The Goals of the Bogrim Community (instead: Direction of Bogrim Communities)


1.       To establish communities of Bogrim in Israel and throughout the world, an alternative society built on affinity with  humanistic Jewish  values, intertwined with Zionism, ecology, solidarity, and social justice, which pratice"Hashomer Hatzair as a way of life".

2.       To create an alternative framework of communities in Israel for Bogrim to implement self -realization (Hagshama) through earning their living communally and involving themselves in the fight for social justice.  

3.       To create a worldwide network of Hashomer Hatzair Bogrim and develop cooperation between communities in Israel and Jewish communities throughout the world. 

4.       To strengthen the connection  between communities of Bogrim around the world and Israel as a central place for Jewish existence. To encourage Aliyah, initiate social projects in Israel, and create alternative communities.

5.       To bring about social change based upon the promotion of movement values in Israeli society.